Kerala, India

India was the second stop on our oversea’s adventure. Visiting India has always been a dream of mine and when my friend, Michele, told me about an Ayurveda/yoga retreat she would be hosting there, I really wanted to make it happen. Shortly after hearing about the retreat, a good friend and wonderful photographer, Jen, told me she really wanted to get to India soon. Perfect, right? Yes, it was meant to be and so it was. After visiting Abu Dhabi (images here), we traveled to Kerala, at the southern tip of India and it was far more beautiful than I imagined. We were greeted at the Ayurveda resort with fresh coconuts and necklaces of effervescent jasmine. Heaven. On the beach outside the resort, we were able to see the local fishing taking place. The fishing boats would go out at sunset and then return at sunrise with the nights catch. The fish were then auctioned off to the local villagers and taken to market for sale. It was an intriguing local custom that I was lucky enough to see. While there, we also very much enjoyed a dreamy, lazy trip down Kerala’s backwaters. India was wonderful and I highly recommend attending Michele’s next retreat there in 2017…hurry, it’s selling fast! You can find more information on it here.
Enjoy the images…all were captured with Fuji 400h on my medium format film camera.


Film scanning and processing: The Find Lab

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