I didn't always know I wanted to be a photographer and don't have a story to tell about getting my first camera when I was 5. 
I grew up in Michigan and after finishing high school, I moved out to California where I eventually found my home in San Francisco. Oh, how I love San Francisco. While living there, I purchased my first real (film) camera, enrolled in college and began studying photography as an art. I quickly realized how much I love to photograph people so changed directions, enrolled at San Francisco State University where I got a BA in Photojournalism.
I have a deep love for film photography and adore the ethereal, romantic, light filled images that can be created with film. I'm skilled in digital as well and as much as I prefer film, I choose to alternate between the two mediums as I see fit for each unique occasion. 
I'm currently living in Grand Rapids, Michigan with my husband and our three beloved cats. I have a passion for travel and am more than happy to travel wherever your wedding may take me.

Kelly Sweet 

Kelly specializes in fine art weddings, portraits and editorials and has an eye for all details, large and small. Her work is made with love and her style can be described as soft and romantic with a modern esthetic.


Authentic and timeless wedding photography for the artful bride + groom



My second passion to photography is traveling. I discovered this when my high school best friend and I decided to spend a month backpacking through Europe when we were 23. After that, I was hooked and swore I would see the world one trip at a time. Of the places I've traveled so far, my favorite is Sri Lanka. Africa (Kenya specifically) is my dream trip that I hope to make happen in the next few years. I'm a huge animal lover and can't think of anything more magical than seeing exotic animals in their natural Africa. 


This photograph means a lot to me. Italy is a magical place where dreams are made and hopefully come true. I married my love there so it holds a special place in my heart. This photograph was taken at the villa we stayed and were married at. I haven't been back since our intimate wedding in Tuscany and I think my heart may still be living over there... so, if you are planning a wedding or elopement in Italy (or really any  European country), please reach out to me as I'm currently offering a special rate to photograph weddings in Europe.


I love them all, but the peony is my favorite with the Dahlia a close second. When I go to the farmers market in the peak summer months, there is a plethora of beautiful flowers and I always return home with several bundles that I thoroughly enjoy placing in vases all around our house. I'm terrible at arranging them in any sort of professional way, but that's okay, they're still pretty and bring life to our home.

My Family

My husband, Pete, and I met over 16 years ago and have now been married for 5 years.
That's one of our wedding photos, taken by our awesome photographer, D'Arcy Benincosa. 
She came all the way out to Italy from the United States to photograph our small, intimate wedding in Bagni di Lucca, a comune of Tuscany, Italy. 
We have no (human) children, but we have two beautiful cats that we love more than anything, Emma and Delia. 
Emma is still a baby at age 10 and Delia, also age 10, is all love. 
Both of them bring daily joy and happiness to our lives and home.

Wedding Photography

When I decided to attend school for Photojournalism, the thought never crossed my mind that I might end up photographing weddings one day. My plan was to work for a magazine that allowed me to travel, the top goal being National Geographic. Shortly after finishing school in San Francisco, I moved to Michigan where friends and acquaintances began asking me to photograph their weddings. I had worked with a wedding photographer briefly in California so figured why not, how hard can it be. Those first few weddings were really difficult, but the challenge got me interested and I began to study further into wedding photography and here I am, still doing it and loving it, almost 15 years later.